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Event Management

Event Management

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Fashion Styling

Fashion Styling

Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner

HR Solution

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Travel Planning

Travel Planning

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About Our Company

Transforming dreams into reality ....

Established in 2007, Leading waves has today emerged as one of India's leading companies specializing in Event Management, Wedding Panning, travel solutions, HR Solutions and Fashion Styling. Head Quartered in Gurgaon, the company has created a name trusted by various companies for execution of their events and for providing HR solutions such as Talent acquisition and payroll. Today, we are trusted by the biggest & the brightest Global, Indian & Multi National Companies. We are a team of highly professional people whose main objective is to deliver excellence with the prescribed time frame.

Our vision

"Giving cost effective results beyond expectations and maintaining an ever-lasting relationship with clients (internal & external) based on Integrity, Values and Trust."

Our Strengths

  • Our Experience :-

    Our experience gained over the last decade helps us provide complete solutions to our clients with perfection

  • Our Staff :-

    Our talented and experienced team of professionals

  • Our network :-

    Our network built over the years of professionals for staffing needs, of contacts for pulling of an event or for creating magic in styling!

  • Our belief :-

    We are the best in what we do!

  • Our Clientele :-

    Our list of clients, that includes some of the leading companies in India and Overseas, that encourage us to work better and their confidence in us that makes us want to deliver nothing but the best!

What They Say?

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Connor Gibson
Interface Designer

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Sammy Widerski
Computer Engineer

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Nikolas Brooten
Sales Manager

Why Choose Us?

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Our Skills

  • Photoshop

  • Final Cut

  • Studio Photography

  • Motion Video

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